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Motocross Tracks

Angus Motocross Track
The track is mostly sand based, but the hill down to the bottom section and along the bottom is more hard packed. Track is quite tight in places,and has plenty of turns. Variety of jumps, table tops, drop off's, and a step up. Club Membership required, £5 for kids £10 for Adults. Track open Wed 4-8 during summer, Sunday 11-4 all year round unless other wise notified

Comerton Farm, Leuchars Motocross Track

Comerton track is the home venue for Glenrothers youth club. This is a sand track, with a huge variety of jumps table tops, whoops etc, you name it they have it here. There's a large step up table top which provide's a great spectacal when the racings on, there's another large one further round equally as good to watch.

Balmullo Practice Track

Sited on the side of a hill, but the track is mainly sandy based.
The track has table tops, large drop offs, good size straights and berms.
There is also a main feature double jump at the start finish, which provides a great spectacle for people watching.
Opening times: Sundays from 11-ish till dusk, during the winter months, due to planning.
Prices: £10 payable to the farmer who will collect or advise when entering.

Drumclog Motocross Club

The Borders Mx Club and Scottish Twinshock have meetings at Drumclog over the season, so practice is cancelled when these events take place. Please phone to check when these events are taking place. Telephone 01357 440202/07545702435 or 07808328741

Westcoast Raceway (Dalry)

The track is for motorcross and quads and one of the few tracks located up North in Scotland. It lies on a 20 acre field with various up and down sections. The overall track length is 1.8 miles with various jumps including:- tabletops, full set of woops, pipe crossings, high bank corners, selection of single jumps and dig out sections, formed 2 meters below ground level. Simply a track to show a riders full potential, while providing a facility where every rider in the country can come and simply enjoy riding their bikes with their friends. So this track is usitable for all levels.

Doune Moto Park

Mostly a sand based track, apart from the far corner section which is more hard packed. Has a variety of jumps from small doubles to a couple of large table tops. This track is quite long and can be very demanding. Theres a kids track for auto's to 65's, again sand based with small jumps and plenty of run off areas. Suits Novice to Expert. Open all year round, weather permitting. Saturdays from 10ish, Wednesday afternoons till dusk.

Powguild Motopark

Our track is looked after and maintained all year round. There is currently 80 and 40 foot table tops, berms, drop offs, whoops and 2 miles of track, starting gates will be coming soon, the parking area is tar plainings and you can view the whole track from the pits There is a beignners track with a long straight, woop section and tabletop. The track is graded regulary and always in good track condition. A good pit area, toilets, burger van, spares van and jet wash area. Opens Saturdays and Sundays 12 - 5pm. A mandatory photographed membership ID is required. Prices are £20 for a family, £15 for adults and £10 for juniors. A daily admission charge is then in place, £1 for juniors and £2 for adults.

Fife Community Offroad MC

It has two tracks, adult and junior. The main track is very long with sweeping turns,and some fast straights. Quad and solo's are welcome at this track and when it gets busy they run sessions, to let both parties get use of the track. The kids track is smaller and has tight and twisty sections with some little jumps it suits autos, new 65 riders and small quads. Spares, Clothing shop and Snack Bar on site. Membership to the club required. Opening times: Weds summertime and Sat/Sun,11-5.