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2017 Oset 12.5 Racing XMAS CLUB AVAILABLE

“The 12.5 has sold more bikes around the World than any other OSET for good reason. In this size category, this bike makes more sense than anything else! It's simple to ride and to own, and maintains it's value over time. Cost of ownership is small, but the pleasure from teaching a child to ride is priceless”.

The OSET 12.5 is simple, sturdy, adjustable and easy to manage for riders from 2-5 years old. A twist of the 'parent adjustable' speed dial allows the bike to grow with the child as their skills improve. What age to start?? Well... that depends on the child. Some children can concentrate well enough at the age of 2. Others will remain easily distracted until 3 or 4. In any scenario, the OSET 12.5 can suit their needs. The rear suspension pre-load can be wound back so the bike squats down and the very smallest of riders can get their feet firmly on the ground. With the speed dial set to walking pace, the parent can follow the rider with a firm hand on the rear mudguard and assist as the child learns throttle control and balance. The OSET 12.5 weighs just 47lb’s, with the majority of the weight carried low and in the middle of the bike, which allows 2 year olds to pick up their own bike!

The OSET 12.5 has front and rear suspension, reach adjustable brake levers, a full coverage chain guard, small custom OSET foot pegs for little feet and a first rate reliability record. Cost of ownership is very low, and re-sale value very high. Cost of ownership is also very small. It can be fully charged from empty in about 4 hours.

Worldwide, this bike is commonly known as the very best place to start children’s riding careers. In fact, in 2009 the OSET 12.5 was voted Dirt Rider Magazine’s ‘Product of the Year’! Dirt Rider is the biggest MX/Enduro/Off-Road  magazine in the World, and tests THOUSANDS of products a year. To win Product of the Year was an incredible honour for OSET, and a testament to OSET's quality and place in the market

RRP - £1075




Age Range

2-5 Years

Seat Height



600W 24V OSET neodymium magnet DC motor




Mechanical Disc Brake

Front 160mm/ Rear 140mm