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2017 Oset 20.0 Lite XMAS CLUB AVAILABLE

“Think of the 20-LITE as a 'big wheel' 16.0. Longer and taller, this bike fills the gap between the 16.0 and 20.0”.

The all new OSET 20-LITE fills a gap we didn't know existed until the OSET 20.0 came to market. The 20.0 was designed for 8-12 year olds, but we found many 6-9 year olds on the bike who might be suited to a slightly smaller and lighter one. The 20-LITE has been introduced to provide another option for those riders. OSET's philosophy on sizing is outlined in our new 'OSET Rider Publication'.

Ergonomically, the 20-LITE is similar to the new 16.0. The handlebar to peg distance is very similar (slightly longer). With 20” wheels, the 20-LITE is taller, has a longer wheelbase and more ground clearance. In short, the 20-LITE will suit parents & riders ready to move up from the 16.0, but too small for the 20.0.

The 20-LITE runs the proven and powerful OSET 20.0 motor, running at 36v for gentler power. The 3 dial controller allows adjustability of power, speed and throttle response. The air fork and coil spring shock are adjustable for both compression and rebound. OSET custom pegs & hubs, hydraulic brakes & OSET bars and grips finish the package.

Being a 36v system and running a super light front wheel and tyre means the 20-LITE weighs in at only 2kg heavier than the 16.0-PRO, and 7kg LESS than the 20-R!!




Seat Height




Age Range

6-9 Years


900w 36v